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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I can eat Fruit again!!

I have been forgetting to mention that with this new unprocessed food challenge, I found that my allergy to fruit seems to be gone!!

Not sure HOW, but I've had no reactions to fruits I've eaten so far. I have not tried to eat Grapes, because that was literally the worst for me, and seriously bad. Eat a grape and my throat would swell shut. Not sure I want to see if I can eat them or not HA!!

So it's been rather nice to have an orange, banana or apple!!  

Still doing pretty well with the unprocessed foods. I did donate my boxes of pasta, rice, and potato's to a family who needed food. I've been drinking coffee with only honey and half and half. I did have a break down a few days ago. It was a rough day and I really, REALLY wanted a soda!!  

I did have a sip of a Cherry Dr. Pepper, it helped me and it was enough to get over the need for a soda. 

It's been fun having to make everything... like tonight I made tortilla crusted tilapia.. usually I would use tortilla chips.. but tonight I used corn tortillas, had them sit out most of the day to dry out, and then put them in the oven and baked them dry. Broke them up mixed them with the cilantro, lime juice, pepper and spices and then toasted all that in the oven.  Extra steps, you bet, but it wasn't processed!! Corn tortillas I had bought at a Hispanic market where they make them fresh. They were still warm when I bought them. 

I have sauerkraut on the counter going and if I have time tomorrow I will start a sour cream!

Oh and I made my own potato chips for lunch today. I used coconut oil to cook them in... so yes, they still were cooked in oil, but it was 'healthier' lol.  And it was just potato's, coconut oil and sea salt! Can't say that about "you can only eat one' potato chip! Reiley loved them too!!

I'm down only 4 pounds, but I haven't been able to get away to exercise yet... I'm trying, though!!  

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